Equine Bowen

The Bowen Technique works with the body, dealing with the root cause of the problem. Horses find it very soothing and relaxing and the endorphins released manifest as a deeply relaxed horse that is very aware of its body and the changes taking place. 

Equine Bowen therapy involves applying a rolling action on precise points on the horse’s body, targeting muscles, tendons and ligaments, and sending messages to the brain via the central nervous system. 

These messages stimulate healing wherever required, producing deep relaxation and pain relief as well as helping to normalise the body’s muscularskeletalcirculatory, lymphatic, respiratory, and digestivesystems.

The following have been observed to greatly improve with the Bowen Technique:-

• Tightness through, quarters, back and shoulders
• Stiffness on one rein
• Unlevelness
• Shortened stride
• Not working through with one leg
• Not tracking up on one side or both
• Deterioration of performance
• Uneven wear of shoes

• Incorrect canter lead
• Sore withers
• Respiratory problems
• Digestive Problems
• Lymphangitis
• Weakened Immune System
• Lacking in energy
• Change in character

For the competition horse, Bowen can improve wind, flexibility, muscle tone and limb fitness with overall increase in energy and fine tuning of the body

You can expect the following from a treatment:-

• A treatment visit takes approximately 1.5 hours and includes the history of the horse, palpation,gait analysis, tack assessment, treatment, after care advice and an emailed report.
• If possible have a stable available. Riding is not always necessary but I will need to see your tack and have access to a hard surface to carry out gait assessment.
• The treatment has unique breaks to allow the horse’s body to assimilate the information.
• Changes are frequently observed after the first treatment, however other cases may take 2-3 treatments. 
• Many horses benefit from maintenance treatments to re-balance and help prevent injuries.
• You will need to inform your vet that your horse is having a treatment, this is required by all complimentary therapists.
I cover all areas of the South East for Equine Bowen, with discounts offered for more than one horse and when both horse and rider are treated.